Assist Legal Technologies


Assist Legal Technologies forensic image processing is powered by NetEvidence Inc. Having a NetEvidence lab and professionals available inside our facility empowers us to offer our clients solutions for cases involving electronic discovery, data recovery, fraud, incident response, and intellectual property theft. NetEvidence is a certified EnCase firm, built upon computer forensic investigation best practices, Department of Justice procedures and chain of custody guidelines. NetEvidence professionals have successfully managed aspects of some of the largest and most complicated cases in history. All investigators at NetEvidence, Inc. are licensed private investigators and certified forensic investigators.

We also have an established partnership with Granite Legal utilizing their eCollector portable application. The Granite eCollector portable application enables file capture from any available mapped network source. The use of the eCollector portable application system means less disruption to your organization. Software installations and modifications to the systems storing the selected files is not needed, de-duplicating is on the fly and reviewable within 48 hours after collection begins. Simply, it's thorough, efficient, cost effective and fully defensible.