Assist Legal Technologies


We have chosen Ringtail Legal as our core offering for web based platform for centralized document management. We believe that Ringtail Legal provides the best available solution for meeting the legal team's requirements for advanced document review tools that can be made available to a geographically disperse legal team.

Ringtail Legal offers industry leading solutions in the following areas:

  • Scalability to any size matter, including those involving hundreds of users, thousands of cases and millions of documents.
  • Full Unicode compliance for document review in more than 200 languages, including Madarin, Japanese, Hebrew, Arabic and Russian
  • Integration with leading technologies such as Attenex and Equivio
  • Customizable workflow, advanced search, tracking, reporting and production capabilities that streamline and standardize the document review process
  • Native file review of documents in over 250 file formats
  • Granular security architecture that restricts document and field access based on user groups

Reporting/Management Tools: Ringtail Legal has extensive reporting tools built in to assist the review team managers with monitoring review team member productivity and quality, facilitating effective review team management.

We believe that Ringtail Legal will fully meet and exceed the legal team's requirements.