Assist Legal Technologies


Today's business environment continues to become more and more complex — with strict regulatory and compliance requirements, increased scrutiny and the ever-present threat of litigation. Because the majority of information today is created and available only in an electronic format, electronic data and the ability to properly address it in a defensible manner are increasingly critical to the legal process. This new electronic reality requires an appreciation of the issues related to the processing of electronic data — including planning, assessment, collection, forensics, culling, review, production and archiving. For law firms, corporations, and government agencies, the need for legal process outsourcing (LPO) is growing-and no one is better qualified to serve you than Assist Legal Technologies.

Locating, capturing, preserving and managing data

Whether your legal matter involves gigabytes or petabytes, our forensic, consulting and operations teams can help, using appropriate, robust technologies and tools integrated with state-of-the-art Electronic Data Discovery techniques and expertise, to identify critical evidence. We also scan paper documents to create electronic images, which brings the efficiencies to the review process and allows you to work from a single document collection.


Assist Legal Technologies discovery workflow process is founded upon proven, defensible processes that are documented to establish and address chain of custody and evidentiary concerns, and is consistent with the requirements of the Amended Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP). Assist Legal Technologies is staffed with experienced litigation support veterans that posse's vast experience in the digital world. They remain current on legal issues relating to electronic discovery and case law that may impact your cases. Our Discovery Consulting experts can help you assess your entire case from initial case strategy, to what processing tools will be most applicable and cost effective. Discovery consultants will help you assess your data world, where your data may reside and challenges that may arise.