Assist Legal Technologies

Post Processing

Because each case has its own set of demands, document productions must carefully match those corresponding case requirements. Assist Legal Technologies works with your case team to create a repeatable template for export specifications, so that each production is both streamlined and accurate. Certified by many industry-specific document review platforms, our technicians can customize load files to meet your system requirements and will help guide you through this process, explaining the advantages of each option and helping to identify best practices wherever possible. The lack of industry standards for metadata extraction and naming convention has increased the need for flexibility in producing electronic information to multiple parties. We are able to customize the metadata fields to export, matching names and data types with your database. We also consider the version of review software, path notation for your specific environment, and generate custom delimiters if requested and applicable. Lastly, we will work with your team to generate any extra fields required, by merging and manipulating the available data.

Whether you require a pre-built native review database, or an entire set printed to paper, we have the experience and capacity to handle the request.