Assist Legal Technologies

Managed IT Services

Application Hosting, Data Storage and IT support solution.

Assist Legal Technologies offers efficient methods for managing a wide range of hosting and managed services solutions for corporations and law firms of all sizes. We have innovative solutions that leverage our technology infrastructures with EMC, Dell, Cisco, VMware and Citrix that allows us to architect answers to meet a number of common challenges. The common pressures facing IT departments in a law firms or corporations are staffing and budget constraints, storage limitations, and accessibility to information. Our solutions deliver the flexibility to grow and contract your IT service resources as your needs change, helping you better manage capital investments needed in meeting specific case or project requirements while eliminating the burden of ongoing operating expenses.

Benefits in Managed Services Solution:

  • Free up valuable IT resources to focus on strategic business initiatives
  • Ensure availability of critical applications and data
  • Enhanced systems performance
  • Reduce downtime for system maintenance
  • Project management and Technical support litigation applications
  • Secure Storage

Support Services Include:

  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Network support
  • Periodic hardware checks
  • Problem notification
  • Architecture and performance planning
  • Full database system management

Give us a call and let us architect a solution for you.